Writing Messages, Mail Merging and Other Features

Basic editing tips and adding custom components

When writing a new Auto Message, you should find the editor to be easy to use. Simply click into the Body area and start typing. To start a new paragraph, press enter.

If you need to add a custom component (such as a header, list, image or button) press the + button, as shown below:

Using Mail Merge fields

When writing your message body, you can insert Mail Merge fields if needed. Simply enter the exact code as shown below:


For the first name of the user being messaged (assuming you have provided us with the first name in the Tracker when identifying the user)


For the email of the user being messaged.


For the name of the subscription plan (i.e. Pro / Business etc)


For the status of the subscription plan the user is on (i.e. active, trialing etc).

Mail Merge Fallback

You can also provide a fall back option in case we dont have the value available for that recipient. For example, if you know you have the first name for some but not all of your users, then you might want to provide a fallback. To do this, simply adapt the above mail merge syntax to the following:


Notice that i've added :there to the mail merge syntax. If no user first name is found, it will output 'there' instead. 

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