Integrating Braintree

To connect Braintree as your payment provider, you will need to enter your Merchant ID, Public / Private Key and also configure your Webhook settings.

Accessing your Merchant ID, Public / Private Keys:

Your Braintree Merchant ID, Public / Private Keys can be found by logging into your Braintree account.

Once logged-in, click the Cog (settings) icon at the top right of the screen and select the API option from the sub-menu. As highlighted below:

Once clicked, you will now be on the API Keys settings area. On this page you should now have the Merchant ID (near the bottom of the page), the Public Key (in the API Keys section) and the Private Key (accessible. by pressing the 'View' link next to the Public key you will be using). All three of these are highlighted below:

Simply copy and paste these values into the Braintree setup form in your OnboardFlow settings area. Next, we need to setup the Wehooks.

Setting up Webhooks:

Once configured, Webhooks allow Braintree to send key subscription data to OnboardFlow as needed. Setting them up is a two-step process. First, head to the Webhooks area (which is in the same settings area as the Merchant ID and Public / Private keys are found, except you just need to click the Webhooks tab).

Once in the Webhooks tab, click the 'Create New Webhook' button, as highlighted below.

When clicked, you'll now be taken to the "New Webhook" form. In the Destination URL box paste in your unique Webhook URL provided to you on the OnboardFlow Braintree setup form. This will typically be something equivalent to

Next, we need to tick the Notifications that we want Braintree to send to OnboardFlow. Under the Notifications section, please tick the following checkboxes:

  • Canceled
  • Expired
  • Trial Ended
  • Went Active
  • Went Past Due
  • Payment Method Revoked By Customer

Once done, press the 'Create Webhook' button.

Your webhook is now setup in Braintree.

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