Syncing subscription data without connecting a payment provider

Connecting your Subscription Provider enables OnboardFlow to keep in sync with all new trials created, as well as any change in the status of those trials (payment method added, trial cancelled, converted etc). This is our recommended approach.

However, if you either don't use one of our supported Subscription Providers or would prefer to send this data to us manually, then this can be achieved through a combination of sending data via the JavaScript Tracker and / or our API.

Sending subscription data via the JavaScript Tracker:

To send trial data directly in the JS Tracker code you'll need to choose the JavaScript Tracker option in the Settings - Subscription Data page and then when you go to Settings - Installing the Tracker, the instructions will have updated to show you how to pass trial data along with everything else.

Please note though, that solely sending trial data via the tracker is not recommended. This is because typically, changes to a subscription happen automatically and outside of the user interacting with your site. The JS Tracker only sends data to OnboardFlow when a logged-in user interacts with your site, as such if something changes to their trial in between them logging into your site, we won't know about it until they next login (if they log in at all).

Sending subscription data via the API:

You can use our API to send customer and subscription data, as needed (i.e. when the trial starts, and then when the trial changes state). Our API help docs can be located at

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