Integrating Razorpay

To connect Razorpay as your payment provider, you will need to enter your API Key and Secret and also configure your Webhook settings.

Accesing your API Key and API Secret:

Your Razorpay API Key can be found by heading to Settings API Keys (whilst logged into Razorpay). From here you can either create a new key or regenerate an existing one. Doing this will provide you with the API Key and API Secret. Please note that once you close this window, it will not be possible to retrieve the API Secret again - not without regenerating the key.

Take both the API Key and API Secret generated here and enter them into your Razorpay setup form within OnboardFlow.

Setting up Webhooks:

Once configured, Webhooks allow Razorpay to send key subscription data to OnboardFlow as needed. Setting them up is a two-step process. First, head to The Settings Webhooks area (whilst logged into Razorpay) and press the 'Setup your Webhook' button. You'll now be asked to enter a Webhook URL and a Secret. For the Webhook URL, enter the unique Webhook URL generated in your Razorpay setup form. This will typically be something equivelant to 

Next, you need to create a Webhook Secret. This can be any value - it is used by OnboardFlow to validate that the webhook sent to us from Razorpay is valid and genuinely came from your account. You might want to enter something random here, or a simple word. It's up to you. Once you've come up with a Webhook Secret, make sure you also enter it into your Razorpay setup form in OnboardFlow.

Finally, we need to tick the Active Events that we want Razorpay to send OnboardFlow notifications about. Please tick subscription.updated and subscription.activated. You can now press the Save button. Your webhook is now setup in Razorpay. 

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